Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

Dress Code

Yerba Buena High School Dress Code

Along with the dress code policy established by the East Side Union High School District, Yerba Buena students are expected to comply with a common dress policy established by the students, staff and parents of Yerba Buena High School.

Common Dress:
Students are allowed to wear three colors: Green, White and Khaki. Starting with the 2009-2010 school year, students will be allowed to wear SOLID black outerwear (jacket, sweatshirt). “Outerwear” is defined as garments such as raincoats or overcoats, worn over other clothing for warmth or protection. Please be aware that we are not adding a fourth color to our common dress, students wearing a green jacket with a black design/logo will be considered out of common dress. The common dress is enforced during school hours and per state law, school hours are defined as 1 hour before and 1 hour after school has started and ended (6:50 AM to 4:00 PM)

1st Offense: Confiscation of article and returned after detention has been served.
2nd Offense: Confiscation of article and returned after Saturday detention has been served.
Further Offenses: Progressive discipline model will be employed and students may be subjected to any of the above consequences and possible suspension, administrative transfer etc…

For purposes of the common dress policy:
The color BLUE encompasses the full range of blue such as, Teal, Marine Blue, Aqua Blue, Blue Green.
The color Red encompasses the full range of red such as, Burgundy, Maroon, Rust Red, Orange Red, Red Pink.
The discipline team makes the final determination as to whether a color on a student’s garment is considered to be “Blue or Red”

The following are examples of items that are allowed and not allowed under the YB common dress policy. The list may not be comprehensive and the discipline team reserves the right of final judgment on situations/anomalies that are not listed.

Items allowed Items NOT allowed

Shirts/Blouses: Green, White or Khaki

Shorts: Green, White or Khaki

Pants: Green, White or Khaki 

Skirts/Shorts: Green, White or Khaki

Belts: Black (Plain buckles only)

Scarves: Green, White or Khaki

Shoes:  Any color,but no red or blue visible

Backpacks: Any color but no red or blue visible

School Sponsored Oganization apparel: Must be
approved by administration prior to wearing

Jackets/sweatshirts: Green, White, Khaki or solid black

Gloves: Black, green or khaki. Only allowed during winter
months and only allowed to be worn withlong sleeve shirts
and pants 

Head covering of any kind such as hats, beanies, etc...

Red of blue jewelry, accessories, hair ties etc...

slippers, sandals and other soft soled shoes

Colors other than green, white, khaki on garments including
but not limited to designes, words, logos, etc...

Black garment other than a solid colored jacket/sweatshirt

Colored under shirt

Pajamas, sleepwear and blankets

Tank tops, stapless blouses, provocative garments

Short shorts or short skirts. Shorts/skirts are too short if the bottom of 
the garment is above the tip of the students fingers, when the student 
has their hands to their sides. 

Apparel that promotes drugs, alcohol, violence and other 
inappropriate agendas/messages or inuendo

Professional and Collegiate team apparel of any kind and color

Belts that are not looped and hang from the waist