Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

Behavior Policy

Behavior Expectations for Yerba Buena High School Students

Expectation 1:
Do whatever a staff member asks of you. Refusing to comply with reasonable requests of staff members will constitute defiance and insubordination.

Expectation 2:
Once the school day begins students are expected to remain on campus, as Yerba Buena is a closed campus. Students may only leave campus with written permission from the attendance office. The attendance office may only release students to leave campus with the authorization of a parent/guardian or a person on the student's emergency contact card. Student's caught leaving campus wi/o authorization will face disciplinary consequences.

Expectation 3:
Regular attendance is critical to student success. Attend every class on time (in your seat hen the bell rings). Refrain from using the restrooms during class time.

Expectation 4:
Complete all class work and homework. Completion of all work assigned by staff members is criticalto student success. Tutorial services are provided 4 days a week in the library.

Expectation 5: 
No electronics in class. If we see or hear it, we take it. NO EXCUSES!

Expectation 6:
Adhere to the common dress policy. Khaki, Green, White (any combination) and solid black outerwear. For a more comprehensive explanation of YB's common dress policy click here.

Expectation 7:
Take tests and exams seriously. CAHSEE exam is required to graduate. STAR tests impact scheduling and class choices. Students who are caught blatantly disregarding standardized tests may face disciplinary action.

Expectation 8:
Treat Yerba Buena High School as your second home. Do not litter or deface school property.

Expecation 9:
Proper language. Yerba Buena is an insitution of learning. Do not use profanity or "street" slang.  

ESUHSD Board Policy for student behavior