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Non Departmental

East Side Union High School District Graduation Requirement
UC/CSU A-G Subject Requirement
Intervention and Support Services for Business

Leadership Class Grades 10 12
Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation
This course is designed for the motivated student who holds a position of leadership or aspires to hold a leadership position. Important skills introduced in leadership will include, but not be limited to: run¬ning effective meetings, priority and goal setting, speaking/listening skills, fundraising, organization, and time management. It will also include actual hands on experiences with student activities of many kinds; e.g., athletic events, rallies, assemblies, dances, banquets, and more. Extra curricular activities are a mandatory part of this class. Students will be required to attend after school functions. This class is offered during zero period.

Library Practice Grade 9 - 12
Prerequisite: Permission of Librarian and Counselor
This year long course offers instruction in the routines of library service and in the use of the library for educational and recreational purposes. This course will provide students with the opportunity to manage organizational tasks. Students must be conscientious and have good attendance.

Office Aide Grade 11 – 12
Prerequisite: Counselor Approval
There are numerous positions for juniors and seniors to assist teachers or other staff members. During any given semester a student may have only one student assistant class. Placements are made through the cooperative efforts of the students, teachers, and counselors. The following qualifications are mandatory for all assistants: good attendance, punctuality, dependability, and trustworthiness. Additional qualifications for specific assignments may apply. Grading is a "P" (pass with credits) or an "NP" (non pass/with no credits).

Early Childhood Development Grade 10 - 12
Prerequisite: None; concurrent enrollment in Early Childhood Development Lab recommended
Students will learn how children develop emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically. The course will cover the characteristics of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers as well as the related safety, health and nutrition issues associated with children. Students will evaluate the preschool standards for literacy, math and science and teach to those standards while working with young children. Sex education, pregnancy and prenatal development will also be covered. In addition, students will study the problems of children and learn about careers working with children.

Early Childhood Development Lab Grade 10 - 12
Prerequisite: Early Childhood Development or concurrent enrollment
This is the hands-on extension to the early childhood development course. Students will care for young children as a teacher aide and apply the knowledge gained in the lecture class component. Students will do weekly activities with the children that include: literacy, cognitive learning, large and small motor development, dramatic play, creative arts, science, music, and computer skills. They will assist with meal times, tooth brushing, and naptime. Second year students will do weekly observations of assigned children in the above listed areas of developmental growth.

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) Grades 9 12
AVID prepares students for eligibility for four year colleges and universities. Students are selected based on recommendations, grades, test scores, courses, and attendance. Students will be provided with academic instruction from an AVID teacher and a group of college tutors. Motivational activities will include guest speakers and college tours. All 9th, 10th, and 11th grade AVID students are required to take the PSAT in October.

AVID 1 Grade 9 - 10
Prerequisite: Acceptance into the AVID Program AVID 1 covers note taking, time management, test preparation, and multi-paragraph organization.
Students learn to organize and maintain an AVID binder containing all course work. Students have the support of college tutors. AVID is a non college preparatory elective; however, both the CSU and UC systems recommend it as a support to a student aspiring to attend a four year university program.

AVID 2 Grade 10 - 11
Prerequisite: Enrollment in the AVID Program
AVID 2 is a continuation of AVID 1. In addition, students work in depth on Cornell note taking. Emphasis is placed on college, careers, Socratic seminars, and preparation for the PSAT. AVID is a non ¬college preparatory elective; however, both the CSU and UC systems recommend it as a support to a student aspiring to attend a four year university program.

AVID 3 Grade 11 - 12
Prerequisite: Enrollment in the AVID Program
AVID 3 is a continuation of AVID 2. Students will take the PSAT in October and the SAT I and SAT II in the spring. All students will participate in college and career computer searches. The personal statement part of a university application will be completed. Practice in the completion of college and financial aid applications will be provided. AVID is a non college preparatory elective; however, both the CSU and UC systems recommend it as a support to a student aspiring to attend a four year
university program.

AVID 4 Grade 12
Prerequisite: Enrollment in the AVID Program
Students will be involved in the AVID Senior Seminar with weekly timed writings and analytical discourses in subjects across the curriculum. Students will make oral presentations to the class on topics related to college entrance, contemporary issues and social concerns. Students will participate in and eventually act as moderators for Socratic Seminars. Skills learned and practiced in this class will help students to develop skills necessary for college and university work.