Saturday, October 20th, 2018


Low Helen

Feature on a teacher: Helen Low
Years at YB: 20+ Years
High School: Edison High School
College: San Jose State University
Hometown: Stockton, California

Helen LowMrs. Helen Low is one of the most passionate teachers at Yerba Buena High School. Mrs. Low went into teaching due to her adoration for math and her desire to teach students mathematics. As the oldest child in her family, Low was by default forced to be the natural teacher for her younger siblings. After graduating from Edison High school in Stockton, Low attended college at San Jose State University. There she recieved degree and credentials and began her teaching career. As an educator, Mrs. Low looks forward to the moments of clarity, the infamous “OHH!” and “AHHA!” from students, every day. Seeing how successful her students become are the proudest moments of her teaching career. Low’s most memorable moment at Yerba Buena High School was the flash mob at the Homecoming Rally of 2011. With a phenomenal teaching legacy, Mrs. Helen Low gives staff members and students some words of wisdom. “To the staff and teachers, never give up on students. To students, try your hardest and don’t give up!”