Saturday, October 20th, 2018


Osuna Marco

Feature on a teacher: Marco Osuna 

Year Started at Yerba Buena: 2005
Hometown: Tracy, CA
High School: Tracy High School
College Education: San Jose State University
Childhood idol: Dad and Michael Jordan

From the softball field to his classroom in room 801, Mr. Marco Osuna has illustrated his great dedication to his students’ success. After graduating from San Jose State University with both a B.S. and a Masters Degrees, Mr. Osuna has been teaching for six out of nine years at Yerba Buena High School. His reason for teaching is his high interest in engineering and related material throughout his college years. He intends to “inspire the youth of tomorrow” with his wonderful, engaging, and interesting lessons every day.  Every morning, Mr. Osuna wakes up with great alacrity to motivate his students and help them achieve their dreams. Throughout his teaching career, he has been proud of his very first engineering class that graduated. Mr. Osuna believes in the classic quote, “There are no dumb questions,” and advises both teachers and students to follow this motto.