Saturday, October 20th, 2018


Datu Myrna

Feature on a teacher: Myrna Datu, Special Education

Year started at Yerba Buena: 1990
College Education: San Jose State University
Childhood idol: Debby Hernandez
Hometown: Out of country: Philippines 

Growing up in the Philippines, Ms. Myrna Datu has come a long way to not only motivate, but also gain friendship with her students at Yerba Buena High School. Throughut her teaching career, she intends to engage with the youth in order to maintain a young, healthy heart. Her idol who inspired her was Debby Hernandez of her church who also interacted with young people. Ms. Datu highly appreciates Spirit Week, and she states that it “is fun to see skits and having students express their real selves.” Ms. Datu comes to school full of smiles, looks forward to fulfilling her daily agendas, and most importantly listens to her students discuss their “happy days.” She believes that it is important to build friendships with her students by getting to know them better, such as learning about their issues at home. Her advice for new teachers is to not only be their teacher, but also their friend.