Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019


Stanford Summer Intership

This past summer three rising seniors from Yerba Buena High School spent seven weeks working in an internship at Stanford’s School of Earth Sciences. Mayra Pelagio, Ngoc Vo and Roberto Barriga worked alongside professor Jonathan Payne and his team of paleobiologists on the research of size evolution. Their main goal was to identify factors affecting size evolution by obtaining data from fossil records. The students successfully completed their internship and will be exhibiting their findings at the AGU conference early this December in San Francisco.

“The Earth Sciences internship at Stanford University over the summer was a great opportunity to learn how college research is done. It was my second year and I had an amazing experience” Roberto Barriga.

“It was amazing, we learn a little bit of everything, from geology to hydrology. The best part was interacting with people who, like me have a passion for science. Being at Stanford was just wonderful, it is like a whole different world compared to my surroundings at home. The Earth Sciences internship has marked my life, it was simply amazing” Mayra Pelagio.

"When I applied for this summer internship, I did not expect to be accepted, but I did and have not regretted my decision to apply. Coming to Stanford University opened my eyes to the boundless possibilities the campus holds. By interacting with professors and college students, I learned what college life is like and also made great connections. It is an experience that I will never forget.” Ngoc Vo.

barriga pelagio vo
Roberto Barriga Mayra Pelagio Ngoc Vo