Thursday, February 21st, 2019


East Side Union High School District Graduation Requirement
UC/CSU A-G Subject Requirement
Intervention and Support Services for Business

Business courses offered at Yerba Buena

Computer Fundamentals Grade 9
Prerequisites: None
This semester course is an introduction to computers and their uses in society. This is a hands on course that provides basic keyboarding skills and introduces the student to basic word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation skills, and how to access information electronically. This one semester course is paired with one semester of Safety Education.

Computers and Information Technology Grades 10 -12
Prerequisites: Computer Fundamentals or approval of instructor
This course covers an in-depth study and use of computers and information technology. Students will thoroughly examine computer hardware, software, data networks and procedures, as well as analyze the impact and application of computers in business. Software applications such as word processing, electronic spreadsheets, database management systems, email systems and graphic/presentation packages will be used.

Web Tech Grades 10-12
Prerequisites: CIT or approval of instructor
Students in this course will learn how to create professional web sites. Students will learn HTML and JavaScript for the creation of web sites with enhanced text formatting, tables, forms, image maps and background colors and patterns. The use of storyboarding, graphic design principles, photo editing, and the elements of art will be used to develop projects.

Economics for Business Grades 11-12
Prerequisites: Web Tech or approval of instructor
|Students in this course will learn the basic principals of starting and running a business. Students study business planning, management, marketing and basic financial concepts while learning how to organize and operate a small business. Students with a career interest in small business or entrepreneurship will learn skills for employment in today’s growth industries as well as skills transferable to the professions of the future.

Advanced Computer Applications Grades 10-12
Prerequisites: None
Students enrolled in this course design and produce the school yearbook. Creative, responsible students who have skills and interests in internet publishing, multimedia production are most desirable. Second and third year students will provide the initiative and leadership to design and publish the school yearbook.

ROP Marketing Grades 11-12
Prerequisites: Approval of instructor|
This course is designed to provide students with the basic understanding and technical competencies to become employable at entry positions in merchandising. It provides classroom instruction and work experience. In order to achieve 15 credits per semester, students must work a minimum of 11 hours per week for the entire semester. Although the instructor will assist with job placement whenever possible, the student is primarily responsible for obtaining a job. If for some reason the job terminates during the semester, credits are lowered accordingly.

Work Experience Grades 11-12
Prerequisites: Approval of instructor
Grades in this program are based on employer evaluations, verification of weekly time sheets, instructional assignments, and attendance at weekly school meetings. A minimum of 10 hours per week is required to receive five credits and a minimum of 20 hours per week is required to receive ten credits at the end of each semester. A student can earn no more than a maximum of 40 credits in work experience toward graduation.