Thursday, February 21st, 2019


East Side Union High School District Graduation Requirement
UC/CSU A-G Subject Requirement
Intervention and Support Services for JROTC

The Yerba Buena High School Army Junior ROTC program prepares students to graduate and successfully participate in society. Completion of the JROTC program requires students to fulfill certain desired learning outcomes at each of the four levels. These desired learning outcomes are essential skills that are the most important educational targets in the program. The topics covered throughout the 4-year program include communication, leadership, physical fitness, first aid, drug abuse prevention, geography, history and government, career development, financial planning and technology. The JROTC program is designed to: (1) aid students throughout their JROTC experience by identifying leadership, citizenship, motivational, academic challenges and career opportunities; (2) enhance students’ prospect of graduation from high school; and (3) provide students with a solid foundation that prepares them to succeed in all aspects of their lives.  Cadets are under No obligation to join the military.