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Social Science


East Side Union High School District Graduation Requirement
Students must pass: 1 year of World History; 1 year of United States History; 1 semester of Economics; 1 semester of American Government; Any credits above the required 30 received will be counted toward elective credits.
UC/CSU A-G Subject Requirement (A Category)
Two years of history/social science, including one year of world history, cultures and geography and one year of  U.S. history or one-half year of U.S. history and one-half year of civics or American government. All classes need to be passed with a C or better.
Intervention and Support Services for Social Science

Social Science Courses Offered at Yerba Buena High School

American Government Grade 12 (UC, CSU)
Prerequisites: None
This semester course, taken in conjunction with Economics, focuses on the organization and function of government at all three levels: national, state, and local. The role of the citizen in the process of government is stressed through a study of the American political party system. Throughout the course the individual is exposed to current issues and constitutional questions facing the American people. This course satisfies one semester of the UC or CSU “A” requirement.

Economics Grade 12 (UC, CSU)
Prerequisites: None
This semester course, taken in conjunction with American Government, is a survey course designed to introduce the student to the science of Economics in a practical way. The students will become familiar with the theories that drive an economic system and will have an opportunity to apply them in a practical way through the operation of a student company and several computer simulations. This course satisfies one semester of the UC or CSU “G” requirement.

United States History Grade 11 - 12 (UC, CSU)
Prerequisites: None
United State History is a course that includes a study of the geography of the United States concurrent with an overview of the growth of the United States from the Revolution to the late Nineteenth Century. This course emphasizes the forces that shaped the American character in the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. It is a study of peoples and the part they played in making this nation what it is today. It is also a study of the environment and how it influenced the development of the nation. The purpose is to lay the groundwork for the United States in the Twentieth Century. The bulk of the course is devoted to the impact of the industrial revolution on the United States and her rise to world prominence through the two world wars. Students will evaluate the changes in social thought during this century and how these changes have translated to political and economic movements. In the final analysis, the student will be exposed to the ever-growing demand for civil rights and the expansion of democracy in the United States . This course satisfies one year of the UC/CSU “A” requirement.

United States History (AP) Grade 11 (UC, CSU)
Prerequisites: Teacher recommendation
This course includes all the components of U.S. History, with a more extensive and intensive study of the development of America ’s political, economic and social institutions. Students will be expected to take the AP U.S. History test in May. This course satisfies one year of the UC/CSU “A” requirement.

World History Grade 10 - 12 (UC, CSU)
Prerequisites: None
World History is a course with two major themes, geography and history. In the area of geography, the student will study how the environment influences people and how, in turn, people alter environments. With this understanding, the student will review the recent history of various human cultures, the wars, the politics, the economic problems, and the various social relationships. The starting point will be Western Civilization; but the stress will be on understanding the growing global interdependence of nations. Modern day problems will be a major concern and will include a study of limited resources in a finite world and the impact this has on the growing demand for human rights and the expansion of democracy. This course satisfies one year of the UC “A” requirment and one year of the CSU “G” requirement.



World Geography Grade 9 -12
Prerequisites: None
This semester course places an emphasis on geographic skills, physical geography and cultural geography. Students will use a variety of materials including local street maps, road maps, atlases, globes, textbooks and computers. This course is in accordance with the California Social Science Framework list of recommended elective courses and will meet elective units for high school graduation.

Law and Society Grade 10 -12
Prerequisites: None
This one-semester elective course is designed to develop a preliminary understanding about our American Legal system. The course will emphasize the basic principles of law, the federal court system, procedural due process, voting rights, civil rights, labor rights, environmental protection and regulations of Stockton ’s securities. The course will also display how important Supreme Court decisions have influenced and shaped American society. Mock trials will be performed.