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Students Overcoming and Redirecting Program
S.O.A.R 2011-2012

Program Description
This is an independent study program, coupled with mental health treatment for 9th and 10th grade students at Overfelt High School and Yerba Buena High School, who are being unsuccessful in school (i.e., disengaged, truant, failing most classes) with early signs and/or existing mental health concerns. S.O.A.R. will provide an individualized program tailored to meet student’s academic and mental health needs.

• Students will participate in a minimum of (1) hour individual academic instruction with a certificated teacher and (1) hour mental health counseling with a Licensed Clinical Social Worker
• Students will be expected to identify and work toward academic and mental health goals that will equip them with the skills necessary to integrate into a traditional setting, or other existing educational options within the district
• Parents/Guardians are required to participate in the initial academic planning agreement and mental health assessment and may be involved in working on objectives identified in the academic contract/mental health treatment plan

Eligibility Criteria
• Students must exhibit early signs of and/or existing mental health concerns (i.e., depression, anxiety, substance abuse, etc.)
• Students must be in the 9th or 10th grade

Program Structure
• Students will have weekly appointments for both academic instruction and mental health counseling session(s).
• The classroom environment will be available from 8-4 daily
• Groups, presentations, activities, and events are regularly scheduled for
students and their families to offer informational, social, and general wellness opportunities
• Campus opportunities (i.e., clubs, teams, after-school programs, events,
lunch/brunch, etc.,) are available for participation as appropriate
• Participation in mainstream classes will be available for participation as appropriate

Referral Procedure
• Referrals are submitted to the APA
1. APA submits referral to S.O.A.R. program staff

Enrollment Procedure – (Student must be enrolled in YB or WCO)
1. Student/Guardian meets with S.O.A.R. Social Worker for initial assessment and appropriateness for program
2. Student/Guardian Completes S.O.A.R. Agreement and Treatment Plans

Enrollment in S.O.A.R. must be voluntary, a choice made by the student and parent/guardian. Therefore, each student must be motivated to study on his or her own independently and complete all assignments. Students must also attend scheduled therapy sessions. These are essential components for a student’s progress and educational success at S.O.A.R.